Not a Still Life by Roberta Cantow

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Filmmaker’s Statement

I came to know Steve Stone by chance. I admired his exuberant expressiveness which seemed to have no bounds. I also admired his honesty, his determination to survive, and his ability to thrive with humor despite many obstacles.

To me, even with all his unusual characteristics, this one man’s journey mirrors many of the concerns of our age: financial worries; loss and bereavement; nostalgia for the past; aging and the losses that come with it; the desire for spiritual transcendence and the need to feel that we belong— somewhere. I see it as an intriguing and universal story of one man’s refusal to give up his soul in his journey to find love, happiness, acceptance and peace. Some may not see a wounded human being who has triumphed, but that is what I see— a whole and remarkably healthy human being who has made disastrous missteps, but who gets up each day to try again while remaining true to himself.

I would like to think that in addition to those interested in gay themed material, Not a Still Life speaks to issues of tolerance, understanding and inclusion; about topics relating to psychology: child development and sexual orientation; the discomforts surrounding all of us as we age; or simply as a tale of the triumph of spirit. For those whose artistic inclinations may have been denied and for those who struggle to fulfill overwhelming obligations without losing their own humor, spontaneity, and individuality, for me, Steve Stone’s story is an inspiration.

Not a Still Life

—Roberta Cantow