Not a Still Life by Roberta Cantow

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About the Film

In the words of the film’s spirited subject, “This is the story of a gay, Jewish, animal rights, vegetarian, alcoholic… individual.” Steve Stone is an ebullient character and an engaging storyteller with a life full of captivating tales. Although unique in his own right, he is also not unlike many gay men of his generation who were almost brought to extinction with the AIDS epidemic of the 80’s. In that sense, this film, a portrait of a man, is also a chronicle of a time that was. Not a Still Life documents Steve’s personal journey through the decades with a judicious use of title graphics to reflect key aspects of gay cultural history in America.

Determined to be himself rather than conform to social mores that made him uncomfortable, Steve Stone came out to everyone in the early 60’s at the age of 17. He has been openly gay for fifty years! As his story unfolds, he grows into maturity and develops a conscious awareness. He reconnects with his Judaism and integrates his gay and Jewish identities, but by the end of the film, he is faced with a troubling dilemma involving both his survival and an aspect of his very identity.

This one man’s story taps into themes that encompass all our lives. Steve’s journey through life and his deep desires are ours. They exemplify the conflicts and complexities in every human heart.

Recommended for Use in Academic and Non-Profit Settings:
Counseling Psychology, Social Work, LGBTQ Studies, Aging, Spirituality, Grief

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Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 59 Minutes

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