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Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change

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Women Bringing Forth Change

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(Includes Discussion Guide)

“…captures the landscape of women's mysteries through
the theme of ‘blood mysteries’ in a way that is
authentic, raw, and hauntingly beautiful.”

Price for Streaming / Video on Demand

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For viewing/streaming the price is $12.00 to watch all three segments (and less for only one or two parts). Following payment you will receive a link and password for the chosen segments.

The filmmaker also offers a Hosted Presentation Watch Party of the three parts of the trilogy, or selected segments. This takes place on Zoom* with an introduction, Q & A, discussion or other follow-up activity with the filmmaker.

Fees for a Hosted Presentation depend on: the number of selected segments, number of participants, and other requirements, if any. Typically, this could range from between $5.00 to $15.00 per participant.

Please contact the filmmaker, Roberta Cantow at

*Unauthorized use of this material on Zoom, or other conference platform, is considered an infringement of copyright.

Price for Trilogy DVD

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Image of Helen Redman art Birthing the Crone

$25.00 (Base Price for individuals) + shipping

Includes the trilogy + Bonus DVD Birthing the Crone: Aging into Full Creativity featuring Helen Redman.

This Bonus DVD expands on Helen's explanation of the value of the image of the crone and her use of this imagery in her art work, which is introduced briefly in Dreamtime (Part III).

Payment Options

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