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Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime Film interview By Sharon Walker, Host of Cherish Yourself (Listen to the interview here)

"A three-part documentary, Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime captures the landscape of women's mysteries through the theme of "blood mysteries" in a way that is authentic, raw, and hauntingly beautiful." (read more)

"It's these ideas we want to embrace as we rethink and shift our culture into one of wholeness, health and balance. I feel so strongly about this documentary, I'm going to keep it on my reference shelf and use it in my teaching arsenal."
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Susun Weed interviews Roberta Cantow
30 minute on-demand radio interview listen now or

Interview with Karen Tate on Voices of the Sacred Feminine
2 hour interview listen now or

Interview with Tonya Freeman - on her "Tonya and Friends Program" - on Talkshoe Radio.
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