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Links and Resources

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Resources- Film Participants and Their Services:

Lynn Dewart – Sculpture Dolls and other Art Work

Judith Greer Essex – San Diego Expressive Arts Institute

Bronwen Jones, Composer

Barbara Kernan – Thresholds Home Funerals

Kate McCavitt, Artist

Lara Owen -Teacher, Consultant, Writer

Helen Redman – Artwork and Workshops

Pamela Underwood’s Bodywriting ® Technique

Laurel Kitten
Sacred Dance and the Empowerment of Women. Laurel is a Ceremonialist, Doula, and Birth Educator

Other Links

Sample, Purchase, Download music for the trilogy:

Women of Wisdom
WOW is a non-profit organization for the empowerment of women through programs that offer healing, spiritual awareness, personal development and community. WOW celebrates the sacred feminine and is creating a new paradigm through a circle structure of shared leadership.

Global Goddess

Susun Weed

The Red Tent Temple Movement

The Red Web Foundation
Creating life long menstrual health through community and education.

Woman Wisdom Corp
Products and services to empower women and girls.

DeAnna L'am
Red Moon ~ Cycles of Women's Wisdom™
Cultivating RED TENTS in every neighborhood, locally and globally, for women and girls to replenish, connect, and celebrate cycles of life! Workshops for Women, Girls, Mothers & Daughters, Training, Motivational speaking.

Crones Council
Crones Council sponsors annual gatherings about women of age, for women of all ages, sharing stories, enriching connections to ourselves, each other and the world.

Leslene della Madre -author, soul midwife, shamanic training for women.

Lisa Sarasohn, author, Love Your Belly
A book that reveals how you can reclaim the body's center as a source of vitality.

The Moon Hut Project is a nonprofit organization working to help women connect more deeply to their source of power, creativity, and abundance.

3000+ pages of women's wit and wisdom the Wise Woman Way. Herbal healing for fertility, childbearing, breast health, cancer prevention, menopause, nutrition, spirit healing, the Wise Woman Way.

Media Produced by Women's Online Media and Education Network. (W.O.M.E.N)

Cycle Harmony
Cycle Harmony is a global community for women to learn, share, and support one another to be free fromPMS, depression and mood swings
- and to embrace a full and fabulous womanhood.