bloodtime moontime dreamtime

More Praise for Trilogy


"How lovely this work is! It's an artist's feast visually, the soundtrack, the art, the generous soul-sharing from those you interviewed, the precision of your composition, the achievement of a tone that is non-strident and gently invites us to experience feminine power mysteries. "

"Bloodtime, Moontime, Dreamtime is a beautifully done, emotionally-evocative and very informative documentary about repressed sources of women’s wisdom, rituals and power that flow from an embodied /goddess spirituality. Especially meaningful to readers of Crossing to Avalon, my own story of pilgrimage and insights into the sacred feminine."

"Women's mysteries are blood mysteries, for women bleed without dying. This trilogy dives deep into the mystery. Look if you dare; learn if you will. Claim your blood, Woman, the power of peaceful blood."

"I liked it very much and thought its potential to open women to a new dialogue was certainly achieved. I am … very committed to our deepest visions like the one you are holding to evolve and reach humanity's heart. "

"I have just finished watching the DVD which speaks directly to the heart of the divine feminine / goddess spirituality movement. You have captured the honest and authentic stories of women speaking of their experiences to a stirringly beautiful panorama of images that gently flow to visually support the message. At times I was brought to tears and… my heart has been blown wide open and allowed me to deeply connect with the stories, with the red thread that binds us all in blood to these sacred womens’ mysteries. I have been very moved by the work that you have produced and I want to congratulate you for your vision and your skill and commitment to bringing this work to life. I know a project such as this must have been a challenge to birth into creation. I want as many women as possible to see it and I will begin to spread the word within the goddess community here in Australia through my contacts."

"Blood is the internal river of life that we all share as human beings and menstrual blood is what we share as women. Roberta Cantow has blown away the taboo in her wise and wonderful films and opened up a deeper appreciation for womanhood and all that it means to us to be fully female in this dream called life."

"A moving affirmation of what it means to be female. Though the subject is intensely personal, the community aspect we see throughout is so encouraging- we need to share together what once was private and even shameful. Above all, this work is a celebration and my hope is that it will be available to women everywhere."


"Thank you for your creative efforts and accomplishments. You have truly added something valuable to the library of feminine lore....The imagery was amazing and very evocative. The people so present and real…. The artwork was incredible... those beaded dolls, wow... and the body painting...I like how you wove together myth and folklore and personal experiences, some science, some ecology, some history. "

"So inclusive, so penetrating, so artistic and inspiring. You have created a great work in this trilogy, and I know it will bring phenomenal healing - to women all over the globe. "


"Beautiful, original and deep."

"I am in awe. You brought the community of women together through your work in a way that nothing else I’ve ever witnessed has. And the force that you are is the connecting thread. I feel so honored to be a part of it."

"I think that even after all these years since the idea first began to take shape for you, the subject matter remains very “edgy”. One of the women talks about how sad it is that in our culture, so many young girls resist and deny the passage of blood to womanhood. I forget the exact quote, but it was a very moving moment, and truly a very sad observation.– "

General Audience:

"This trilogy riveted me, thrilled me, continues to haunt me – it goes beyond simple portrait of, or paen to, womanhood, delving into what it means to be a human in a body on a planet in Time...and finds it beautiful. The way you combine the clear, issue-oriented focus of the best documentaries with your very personal and complex cinematic language, mixing history and poetry, meditation and cultural criticism into this rich visual/sonic stew--it's exhilarating. A fascinating, sensually enthralling meditation on the very stuff of life. An eye-opening, awe inspiring gift to your viewers – thank you. "

"I loved that you took on the blood of war, the welcoming of death, and all the big issues. These subjects are the subjects. The most startling question for me was, what if we had been celebrated for menstruation and made to understand it was the beginning of power instead of the end of power (that it was for me)? I had never even thought of it that way, only that getting back any feeling of the pure mischievous joy of being female …has taken a lifetime. "

"The Australian aborigines believe the sound of the didgeridoo comes not from pushing it out of the instrument, but from pulling the sound up from the earth. That made all the difference to me. The sound is already there – we just need to pull it up from the earth (or from inside ourselves). So how do we teach our daughters to “pull” their sound up? BMD is certainly on the right track to make the message loud and clear. "

"Cinematographically, I found the scenes where the camera moved through trees, with women in red dresses swirling in the middle of the screen, to be visually masterful and very expressive of women’s connection to the mysteries of nature. Thank you for persevering to complete your beautiful and insightful film. I hope that many women and men get to see it. It teaches many lessons that are badly needed in our current world. "

"Your hallmark poetic imagery, the gorgeous color, the combination of formal and informal tone of the interviews. I overall feel how ambitious this work is, which to me seems to be articulating women's connection, through blood, to all phases of the life cycle and to all other life forms. Part 3 is more often grounded in individual women's stories, sorrows and struggles and wounds, and their heartfelt efforts to make art and new rituals to affirm themselves as women, to overcome their pains and sorrows, is very moving, sometimes charming, even funny, artful, lots of colors. "