bloodtime moontime dreamtime

A poetic documentary film trilogy 
by Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Roberta Cantow
with a musical score by Bronwen Jones

This three-part documentary work recontextualizes contemporary women’s experiences of blood, creativity and power. With stunning visual images, a haunting musical score and an original approach, this work delves into the values of the ancient "wise woman" ways. Whether a member of that community, or situated outside of it, Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime provides a bird's eye view of a culture within our culture, which, whether we agree with its beliefs and practices or not, has begun to have influence over how women think and feel about their bodies and the earth, and about personal and spiritual transformation. Combining notions of spirituality: (myth and ritual), with the philosophy of the expressive arts movement and eco-feminism, this trilogy presents a landscape of women creatively engaged in the meaning making of their lives.

- (The meanings and metaphors of blood) (20:00)

MOONTIME - Celebrating the Blessing - (Honoring girls' entrance into womanhood) (36:00)

DREAMTIME - Creating Art and Ritual- (Art and ritual as transformative tools; women as agents of change) (62:00)*

* Awards and Exhibitions: See below image strip

"Bloodtime Moontime Dreamtime: Women Bringing Forth Change is more than a documentary on women's blood mysteries; it is a soul journey through our sacred selves, and it connects us to our ancestry and our future through our blood. To say that it is amazing isn't doing it justice: it is healing, it is beauty, it is truth. I truly believe all women would benefit from viewing this film, and I highly recommend it. A remarkable piece of art that should not be missed." (read full article)

Provides a tapestry of contemporary ideas and practices that bespeak a need in the culture and in our times to invest our most elemental experiences of ‘life passage’ with new meanings. Touches on themes with interdisciplinary appeal to: women’s studies; body politics; contemporary ethnography; sociology; religion and spirituality; myth and ritual; depth psychology, expressive arts, etc.

“I am presenting a landscape of a phenomenon that exists in our culture…
taking it out of the shadows and into the light…giving it the honor of a voice that needs to be heard.”

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buffalo roseA Buffalo Rose Production

* Awards and Exhibitions:

Association for Theatre in Education/Panel, (August, 2010)

Society for Menstrual Cycle Research Conference, 2009

Conscious Life Film Festival, 2009

Bright Light Film Festival, 2009

Accolade Award of Excellence, Documentary Feature Category, June, 2008

Finalist Moondance Film Festival, Documentary Feature, August. 2008

moondance film festival finalist Accolades Awards - Documentary Feature Award of Excellence 2008 Bright Light Film Festial - Official Selection 2009 Conscious Life Film Festival - Official Selection 2009